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Thinking about embarking on a cruise on your own but unsure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There’s no denying that the world of cruising is traditionally configured for guests who are travelling with at least two people in a stateroom, otherwise known as double occupancy or twin share. When you journey as a single person, cruise lines don’t want to miss out on the extra income from only having one person in a cabin, so you’ll often find a “single supplement” attached to your fare. It’s a not-quite full fare for a twin-share stateroom, but still more than the usual per person fare if you’re sharing with someone else. 

That’s the not-so-great news. The better news is that this surcharge doesn’t have to mean the end of your dream cruise. In fact, there are now many cruise companies that cater specifically to single guests, with studio rooms for one, no extra charges, and even singles-focused activities.

To help you find the best option to suit your preferences and budget, our team of experts has put together some invaluable tips to ensure your journey is nothing short of amazing. From choosing the perfect cruise line and cabin to making the most of the entertainment, activities and shore excursions, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Take the plunge and discover the joys of cruising alone while exploring captivating port cities around the globe.

Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travel

From staterooms for one, to onboard activities that appeal to people travelling alone, we’ve curated a list of the best cruise lines for solo sailing. Whether you want to cross oceans or meander down rivers, on luxury cruise ships, or a modern mega-ship, one of these cruises will be perfect for you.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Epic was the pioneer in offering studio cabins designed and priced exclusively for solo cruisers, with a total of 128 such staterooms available. Norwegian Cruise Line then extended this concept to other ships like Norwegian Breakaway, Getaway, Bliss, and Escape. Though cosy, these studio rooms are fully equipped to fullfil the needs of solo travellers. Complete with a full-size bed, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom, these smartly designed spaces ensure a relaxing stay. These studios are also priced with singles in mind, with no single-person supplement required. 

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises goes above and beyond to cater to solo guests, and with each new ship, they have expanded their offering, with more solo staterooms added to their offering. They also curate a range of social events where you can meet like-minded travel companions. The new Celebrity Beyond and Celebrity Ascent offer an impressive 32 studio staterooms, all featuring the innovative Infinite Veranda concept. Guests love this concept, where, with a simple push of a button, the doors of your veranda seamlessly open and fold into the sides of your room, effortlessly bringing the outdoors in.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line offers solo cabins on select ships, providing a comfortable and convenient option without a the worry of a single surcharge. They also offer programs and activities designed for independent travellers, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy solitude or socialise with new friends. Additionally, hosted events are organised on most voyages through the Singles Partner Program, where you can connect with others in similar situations. These events include get-togethers early in the itinerary, pre and post-dinner drinks, and arranged dinner sittings with fellow singles. 


Cunard’s single staterooms on Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, or Queen Elizabeth offer an abundance of space and lavish amenities that will enrich your time at sea. If you desire a little extra space, Cunard’s Britannia double staterooms are also available for solo travellers, offering the option of a single-person supplement. As a solo guest with Cunard, you will never run out of things to do. There are many complimentary activities specially curated for solo guests, designed to offer a place to meet like-minded people, or relish the joy of your own time, whichever you prefer at any given moment.

Avalon Waterways

If the rivers of Europe are calling your name, then consider sailing on an Avalon Waterways river cruise. Avalon has waived the single supplement on most of their European river cruise departures as well as on select sailings on the Mekong in Southeast Asia. You’ll find that a remarkable 10 percent of Avalon Waterway’s guests are independent holidaymakers, so you will find yourself in good company. Just keep in mind that only a portion of each ship’s staterooms are reserved for solo passengers on each itinerary, so you will want to book early if you want to join them.

There has never been a better time to find a cruise deal for one. Not only are more cruise companies adding single staterooms to their ships, but these are also getting more spacious and luxurious. And even if your preferred cruise line doesn’t offer single rooms, don’t worry! Many are also waiving or reducing their single surcharges at different times throughout the year, you just need to keep an eye out for their promotions. Or, let us do that for you – we can help you find the best deal out there at any given time so that you can explore the world the way you desire, without it costing you more.

Studio Cabins for One

A Video from Norwegian Cruise Line

Why Go On a Solo Cruise?

If you’re sitting on the fence about embarking on your first solo adventure, here are a few reasons why a cruise is an excellent option for a traveller on their own, especially first-timers.

⚓ It’s an Easy First Step

A cruise is a great first step into the world of journeying on your own. It’s simple and manageable, especially if you’re feeling nervous about exploring on your own. So much is taken care of for you once step onboard – your meals, entertainment, accommodation, and daily activities are all provided. Plus you can join groups of people onshore for pre-organised shore tours, so you don’t have to try to find your way around a foreign city on your own. Cruising allows you to relax and enjoy your trip without any hassle. 

⚓ Travel When it’s Convenient for You

Planning a holiday with family or friends often requires a degree in diplomacy and negotiation. Balancing different preferences, opinions, and work schedules can prove quite challenging to say the least. With a cruise for one, all of that stress disappears. Your time off revolves around you, and you alone. You can pick the perfect timing for you, even taking advantage of off-peak periods to save money. You get to take the reins on the decision-making and cater your experience exclusively to your needs and desires.

⚓ Relax and Recharge

Without anyone else’s time, schedule, or interests to consider, you can take this time to truly revitalise and restore your own energy. There’s something captivating and utterly peaceful about sinking into a chair, gazing out at the vast expanse of the endless ocean with no land in sight, and just being. It’s pure bliss, an experience that leaves you refreshed and recharged.

Cruise Confidently

When you’ve had enough of your own company, a cruise is an excellent way to meet new people, especially if you’re usually shy. To kick-start your social adventure, simply refer to the onboard daily program which outlines a plethora of activities and entertainment options. Moreover, the excursions present excellent opportunities for making friends. So, if you’re pondering cruising alone but are worried that you will be lonely, rest assured that it brings an abundance of opportunities for friendship and adventure.

⚓ Cross Off Bucket List Destinations

Are you yearning to explore the frozen wonderland of Antarctica, or sink your toes into the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, but can’t find a friend to go with you? Getting to these far-flung places of the world can actually be easier to get to without anyone tagging along and slowing you down. With only select sailing times throughout the year, you often can’t afford to wait for other people to confirm their schedules and arrange their leave. So, don’t! Just book it for yourself and tick that must-see destination off your bucket list! Let our experts help you chart the best course for your dream cruise, and we might even arrange your flights too!

Solo Cruiser loving Half Moon Cay

Insider Tip

If you’re wanting to meet new people, seek out the piano or lounge bar! Joining in with lively sing-alongs is a great way to break the ice and make new friends. Veteran solo cruisers will often visit the different bars and lounges the first night at sea, so that’s the perfect time to wander around and see who is onboard.

Seabourn Venture Constellation Lounge and Bar


FAQs About Cruising Solo

Do people really cruise alone? Or are they all looking for romantic partners?

Do you want to cruise as a single, or go on a singles cruise? Because there is a difference, and it’s the key to answering this question. Many individuals choose to go on a cruise by themselves for various reasons. They may be widows or widowers, have friends who are unable to join them due to financial constraints or limited annual leave, or they may simply desire some much-needed “me” time. And yes, some people may opt to cruise alone in hopes of finding a romantic partner. Some cruises are specially arranged for groups of singles who are looking for love, but for the most part, you’re more likely to encounter people who just want to enjoy some time off and have opted to do so on their own, for whatever their reason might be.

Will I have to share a stateroom if I cruise by myself?

You never have to worry about being forced to share a room if you decide to cruise solo. Having said that, most staterooms are generally designed – and priced – for two people, so often you will be charged a single supplement surcharge if you’re a single person reserving a stateroom that usually sleeps two people. Many cruise lines these days have introduced solo studios on select ships, including NCL, Celebrity, and Holland America Line. And with these studios, you won’t need to pay a surcharge fee because they have been created with solo passengers in mind. Many cruise companies also offer promotions throughout the year when they waive the single supplement fee, so that’s also a good option if you’re watching your pennies.

If I cruise by myself, what are the best ways to meet other guests?

There are plenty of ways that you can meet fellow solo guests on board, as well as onshore. Many Cruise Directors organise meet-ups specifically for solo guests during the first or second day of the itinerary, but you will also find plenty of opportunities outside of these, like trivia and karaoke nights, dance lessons, contests by the pool, and of course, shore excursions.

If I cruise by myself, will I have to dine alone?

If you prefer not to dine alone, make sure to select the traditional set-seating option during your voyage. This will provide you with a specific time in the main dining room each night and assign you the same tablemates daily. Alternatively, if you would rather have the freedom to show up for dinner anytime, you can choose the flexible dining option. You may request to be seated at large tables with other guests, allowing you to mingle and get to know more of your fellow guests.

Will I be lonely cruising by myself?

You will only feel as lonely as you allow yourself to be. The opportunities to meet new people are there, and the more effort you put into connecting with others, the more enjoyable your interactions will become. And remember that being alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Embrace the tranquillity of a private balcony, savour a meal while lost in your own thoughts, and explore ports on your own terms. Interacting with your shipmates is not a prerequisite for having an incredible time on a cruise.

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