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Indulge yourself in the extraordinary world of luxury cruising. Amidst glimmering chandeliers, opulent lounges, and exquisitely adorned suites, you’ll find a cruise experience like no other. Enjoy flowing champagne and delectable bites of caviar. Immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of freshly prepared dishes and perfectly matched wines. Each night, sink into a luxuriously comfortable bed fitted with the finest linens. And have your every whim catered to with a smile.

In this new era of luxury travel, no stone will be left unturned to ensure your cruise experience is beyond compare. From complimentary beverages and Wi-Fi to first-class amenities and picture-perfect itineraries, lavish amenities, and refined comforts are seamlessly blended with the exhilaration of exploration. In the grand, sophisticated world of all-inclusive luxury cruising, you’ll discover unmatched convenience and relaxation from the moment you step on board.

Whether you’re travelling as a couple, family, small group, or otherwise, our cruise experts can help you find the perfect luxury cruise experience that aligns with your holiday style and preferences. It’s time to treat yourself to the lavishness you deserve.

Why Do You Travel?

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Luxury Cruise Sailings

Amazonian & Tropical Song – Miami to Miami

  • 09 Nov ‘24
  • 44 nights
From $32,210 /person pp

Inspired In Africa – Lisbon to Cape Town

  • 12 Nov ‘24
  • 24 nights
From $21,940 /person pp

Luxury Cruise Lines

If you’re ready to elevate your travel experience and immerse yourself in the world of luxury cruising, then allow us to present our top recommended cruise lines that truly stand out from the crowd. We’ve carefully selected the best luxury cruises that will transport you to some of the most enchanting destinations in the world, all while ensuring your utmost enjoyment. This list is just a snapshot of the world of luxury cruising and the offerings that await you, and there are a host of other cruise lines you can consider, including Cunard, Crystal Cruises, Azamara, Viking, Windstar Cruises, and more. If you’re unsure which is the right cruise for you, our team of cruise experts can help you find the perfect cruise line, ship, and itinerary for your next luxurious holiday. 


With lavishly decorated suites, personalised service, and all-inclusive bliss, Silverseas will take you on an exceptional journey on the open seas. The Silverseas fleet provides the most diverse range of itineraries across the world compared to any other cruise line – from the mesmerising Arctic to the remote beauty of Antarctica, and everywhere in between. Discover the ultimate in luxury as your voyage takes you to incredible ports of call all over the world.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC)

Escape to a world of grandeur with RSSC. Step into spacious balcony suites with marble ensuites; delight in extravagant culinary experiences; indulge in lavish spa treatments; and enjoy unlimited shore excursions, beverages, specialty restaurants, and a wide range of onboard activities and entertainment that cater to your every desire. With an all-inclusive approach, leave your worries behind and embark on a journey of relaxation and pure bliss. 

Oceania Cruises

Discover Oceania Cruises, where opulence meets exploration and every moment is elevated to new heights. Indulge in unrivalled fine dining options, uncover hidden gems in unique destinations, and immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts and wellness. Discover luxe accommodations, diverse itineraries, and gourmet culinary venues that rival the finest in the industry, and prepare for the most elegant and relaxed luxury cruising experience you’ve ever imagined.


Experience the elegance of French cruising with Ponant, where sumptuousness meets adventure, dreams become reality, and you feel like you’re sailing on your own private yacht.  Ponant’s luxurious small ships sail to remote ports of call all over the world, from captivating Antarctica to the picturesque Mediterranean. A cruise with Ponant is a one-of-a-kind experience, where the extraordinary becomes an everyday occurrence.


Indulge in the epitome of refined luxury onboard a Seabourn cruise – where every moment is a lavish affair. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and warmth, where every need is anticipated and every desire fulfilled. From fascinating itineraries around the world to first-class entertainment and delectable cuisine, Seabourn’s all-inclusive fares ensure and sophisticated ambience offer an unrivalled journey. It’s time to elevate your travel experience with a Seabourn cruise.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Experience the pinnacle of luxuriousness at sea aboard The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Delve into enchanting destinations, from the European Mediterranean to the Caribbean’s most coveted sun-kissed spots, on this fleet of intimate yachts that seamlessly blend the elegance of the Ritz-Carlton with the freedom of yachting. It’s an unrivalled opportunity to escape everyday life, and this all-inclusive journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Why Go on a Luxury Cruise?

Mainstream cruises offer incredible experiences that provide comfort, convenience, entertainment, and relaxation. However, luxury cruises take all of this to the next level. While indulging in a luxury cruise may seem like a substantial investment, it’s worth considering the transition from a crowded mega-ship to a more intimate and opulent vessel. Compare the base fare of your dream luxury cruise with that of your usual choice, along with additional expenses such as drinks packages, specialty restaurants, pampering treatments, shore excursions, and more. You might be pleasantly surprised by the per-day value, as with a luxury cruise, nearly everything is already included. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to bask in all the magnificence that luxury cruising has to offer. So why wait?

Sumptuous Accommodations

Luxury ships are often small or mid-sized, offering all-suite, all-balcony accommodations. These cabins are more spacious compared to those found on more mainstream cruise lines, boasting larger windows or glass doors and more luxurious bathrooms, sometimes even featuring full-size tubs. Moreover, you can expect high-end linens, bath products, elegant fabrics, and thoughtful touches like fresh flowers or binoculars for wildlife viewing.

World-Class Service

Luxury cruises boast a higher ratio of crew members per guest, ensuring highly personalised service. The crew will go the extra mile by remembering your name, and preferences, and anticipating your needs. Picture this: stepping into your suite to discover your shoes impeccably polished and evening attire perfectly pressed, without even uttering a word. It’s the finest service you’ll find at sea, where every detail will be taken care of and then some.

Gourmet Dining

While you may not find the same number or variety of restaurants as on larger ships, the dining experience on luxury cruises is top-notch from breakfast to late-night snacks. Most cruise ship galleys accommodate special dietary requests, but luxury vessels take it to a whole new level. With a little advance notice to the maître d’, the chefs can create unique culinary experiences tailored to your tastes.

Lavishly All-Inclusive

A luxury fare typically includes:

  1. Gratuities: No need to worry about leaving additional gratuities for the crew at the end of the cruise as it’s already included in your fare.
  2. Beverages: Enjoy an array of complimentary drinks, including beer, wine, and select spirits. Only the most premium selections might incur an additional charge.
  3. Shore Excursions: While custom excursions may require an extra fee, your fare often covers a wide range of exciting shore excursions.
  4. Access to all Restaurants: Indulge in gourmet-quality dining at every venue without surcharges, including specialty venues
  5. Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Considered part of your daily room service, luxury cruises include laundry and dry cleaning to keep your attire fresh and crisp.

When considering the extras you would have to pay for on a mainstream cruise, the total costs of a luxury cruise may be more comparable than you initially imagined. In fact, some luxury fares even include airfare to and from the ship!

Best Destinations for a Luxury Cruise

Luxury cruises traverse the coastal regions of all seven continents, and by nature of their smaller size, vessels in this class often voyage off the beaten path to places less explored by the mainstream mega-ships. Luxury cruise itineraries tend to focus on Summer in Europe – the Mediterranean, the Baltic, and the Black Sea – and dedicate the rest of their season to the Caribbean and other exotic destinations. As beautiful as these regions are, it’s these “other” destinations that we want to highlight – maybe they’ll offer you the inspiration you need for your next cruise.

Galapagos Islands

Aboard a magnificent Galapagos cruise, you can swim with sea lions, kayak through clear, turquoise waters, and indulge in delicious, authentic cuisine – all whilst exploring the breathtaking volcanic landscapes around you. Discover the untamed beauty of 19 unique islands, each offering a new and exhilarating wildlife encounter.


Let the beauty of the Great White Continent become your playground. A host of grand expedition vessels, operated by the likes of Scenic, Crystal, and Seabourn, offer unparalleled experiences to this ruggedly beautiful landscape. Discover towering icebergs and majestic whales up close, while enjoying the comfort of suite accommodations, and gourmet food.


The exotic wonders of India, where vibrant colours, ancient traditions, and majestic forts await you on a luxury cruise. Experience spirituality along the sacred Ganges, witness the mesmerising beauty of floating candles, and indulge in the flavors of authentic Indian cuisine. It’s a place where time slows down and magic unfolds.


Escape to Indonesia’s enchanting islands. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, hike through breathtaking trails, seek ancient treasures, indulge in delectable cuisine, and discover a world beneath the crystal-clear waters. Set off on a luxurious cruise, and unlock exclusive access to hidden gems that will leave you longing for more.

Insider Tip

On many luxury ships, you can enjoy the same exquisite dinner menu from the main restaurant through room service every evening, and the best part? It’s completely complimentary. To heighten your culinary experience, your dedicated butler or attentive steward will serve your meal course by course, just as if you were sitting in the actual restaurant. Intimate dinner for two anyone?

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