About Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is here to redefine the way that adults experience luxury ocean cruising. Get ready to embark on a journey that is superyacht-inspired, exclusively adult, and unapologetically Virgin. One where the rules are made to be broken, the norms of cruising are challenged, and you can dare to be different. Onboard any of Virgin’s four magnificent and groundbreaking ships, you’ll find relaxation and adventure interwining harmoniously. It’s an escape from the mundane and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Virgin is redining the very essence of sea travel, one ship at a time, one itinerary at a time. Allow yourself to transcend the ordinary and discover a voyage unlike any other.

The Ultimate Adult-Only Getaway

More than 100 cruise destinations are waiting to be explored on a Virgin voyage. Dream holidays are within reach, with departures available from the stunning cities of Athens, Barcelona, and Miami. Picture yourself basking in the enchanting waters of the Caribbean, or immersing yourself in the captivating appeal of the Mediterranean. Wherever your heart desires, Virgin’s beach visits are simply heavenly. And now, embarking on a new chapter of their exciting journey, Virgin Voyages is heading Down Under, with their newest ship arriving on the shores of Australia in the not-so-distant future. Get ready to set sail with Virgin and uncover the magic of the seas on your own terms.

⚓ The Caribbean
⚓ Europe
South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia
Transatlantic and Transpacific

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Onboard Experience

Stateroom and Suites

Your cabin is where super-yacht inspired design meets unrivalled relaxation. It’s more than just a place to sleep, its the ultimate space to hide away, relax, and get ready to sail the world. With cutting-edge technology at your fingertips and stunning ocean views from balconies or portholes, your dream cruise awaits. From cosy insider cabins that are perfect for friends, solos and couples who want a space to recover from the day, to Sea Terrace cabins, where you can enjoy sweeping views of the horizon from your hand-woven terrace hammock, there is something for everyone on board.

And for those if who are into exclusive access, Rockstar Quarters are where you want to be. These suites come with marble clad bathrooms with premium amenities, a Rockstar Agent at your beck and call, early access to entertainment, restaurants and shore excursions, private transfers and priority embarkation. It’s what suite dreams are made of.

Dining, Bars and Lounges

Virgin Voyages’ foodie-approved eateries offer everything from food truck faves to ten-course feasts. With over 20 dining options on board, you can truly eat your heart out. Step into the world of culinary experimentation at the Test Kitchen or be captivated by the vibrant flavors of Korean BBQ. Savor the fiery spices of Mexican cuisine or surrender to the irresistible temptations of the incredible food market. The best part? All these delectable options are included in your voyage! Virgin has revolutionized the traditional dining experience, doing away with crowded dining halls and endless buffets. Instead, they have embraced intimate spaces and a diverse array of choices. Prepare to reimagine your onboard dining experience like never before. 

Virgin Voyages also offers essential drinks – always included, alcoholic beverages at exceptional value, and a multitidue of bars and lounges to sip your way through. Enjoy a frozen drink by the pool, or sip on bubbles in the Champagne Lounge. Enjoy craft cocktails at The Deck, or get your Double Shot Almond Milk Latte from the onboard barista. Every single one of the onboard lounges and bars has been specially designed to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re exploring indoors or hanging outside, you’re always one step closer to finding another fabulous spot – and your next new-favorite drink.


Virgin Voyages has reimagined cruise entertainment to bring you a fresh, avant-garde lineup or extraordinary performances, amusements, specialty artists and more. Say goodbye to traditional Broadway shows and welcome a new era of boundary-breaking entertainment.

One standout experience is Scarlet Night, a mesmerising celebration of eternal love between the enigmatic Goddess of the Sea and the Sailor who won her heart. As night falls, the entire ship transforms into a magical wonderland, brimming with thrilling surprises and epic experiences. Immerse yourself in a world of pop-up circuses, interactive games, captivating myth-telling sessions, and live music, all paying homage to a love that turned the seas scarlet. And when the momentous climax arrives, prepare for a remarkable pool party bathed in vibrant red, an experience like no other.

For those seeking ultimate comfort and relaxation, the PJ Party awaits. The dress code is simple: wear your favorite pajamas. Whether you prefer cozy and cute or funky and zany, all styles are welcome. Throughout the night, unexpected delights and amusements will rejuvenate your experience as you revel with divas, rock stars, and newfound companions. Find respite in cozy nooks scattered around, allowing you to unwind between dance numbers.

This is just a taste of the onboard offerings. Virgin’s lineup of comedians, magicians, and specialty artists will keep you endlessly entertained with their unique talents and showmanship. Each show promises a fresh and captivating experience, whether through comedy, music, or interactive engagement, ensuring you never witness the same spectacle twice. Immerse your senses in the Red Room, a versatile theater that seamlessly transforms from a traditional stage to a pulsating club space. Prepare to be amazed by awe-inspiring acrobatics, interactive concerts, and electrifying dance parties that will ignite your exhilaration. For a sophisticated and sultry ambiance, head to The Manor, the ship’s premier music venue. This intimate setting showcases seductive cabaret-style performances and keeps the party alive with talented DJs spinning tunes into the early hours. And if you’ve ever dreamed of taking center stage yourself, The Groupie’s Karaoke booths are ready to unleash your inner diva. Step aboard a lady ship and embark on the phenomenon we call Virgin Voyages.

Facilities and Amenities

Inside and out, you’ll find a host of unique features that are thoroughly, unapologetically Virgin. You can immerse yourself in their state-of-the-art facilities, which include not one, but two extensive indoor gyms, an invigorating outdoor gym, a serene yoga studio, and a dynamic group fitness studio. As you step outside, a glorious halo-like running track aways, encompassing the ship and providing mesmerising views for your morning walk/jog/run. You will also find multiple pool aread and outdoor wellness spaces designed for you to unwind and recharge, and for those seeking an extra touch of indulgence, the onboard spa and beauty outlets offer an array of superb treatments. Step into the luxurious thermal suite, get a mani-pedi at the spa, or get a new ‘do at the salon or barbershop. You can even get a holiday-inspired tattoo to leave with a permanent reminder of your unforgettable Virgin cruise.

Image Gallery

Scarlet Lady at Sea

Valiant Lady Exterior

Sea Terrace Stateroom

View Over the Pool Deck

Valiant Lady at Sea

Resilient Lady at Sea

Interior of the Cheeky Corner Suite

Aquatic Club Pool Deck

Terrace Hammock onboard Scarlet Lady

What's Included?

“Always Included Luxury” – that’s the phrase of the day when it comes to any Virgin voyage. No hidden fees, no surprises – what they say is included really is. Of course, your inclusions start with your stateroom or suite, a space where you can find solace and tranquility amidst the non-stop excitement. When it comes to dining, bid farewell to overcrowded buffets and extra charges, all specialty eateries are on Virgin. Plus, staying hydrated is easy when all essential drinks are included too. From drip coffee and your favourite teas, to still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices and bubbling sodas, Virgin has you covered, without any additional charges. Onboard gratuities, complimentary WiFi, unlimited group workouts, and a captivating lineup of extraordinary entertainment is also included in your cruise fare. This is a world where luxury is the norm. Set sail with Virgin Voyages and have your every desire fulfilled.

Insider Tip

Get to know your “Happenings Cast”! Unlike traditional cruises where you have a single cruise director, Virgin Voyages has a whole team, called the Happenings Cast. This team is responsible for the entertainment onboard, and serve as the main hosts and hostesses – you’ll see them at nearly every fun event on the ship. Get to know them, and you may just find yourself with a secret invite to an unlisted event or party!

Pool Party at the Aquatic Club Pool

More Information

Cruising with Children

Virgin Voyages is unapologetically kid-free. They have traded children’s menus for Michelin-star, chef-curated menus. Their ships are a haven of fun… for your inner child. And they offer a laid-back yet luxurious cruise experience exclusively for adults. Therefore, you must be 18 years of older to set sail on a Virgin voyage.

On Shore Experiences

Forget the typical “stock tour” experiences when you head ashore. With Virgin’s “Shore Things” collection of excursions, you will find uniquely crafted experiences that will connect you with the hidden gems of each destination. Virgin Voyages is all about giving you authentic access to the local culture, and the thrill of discovery. You can explore Barbados on an epic locomotive journey, or kayak the coast of Gran Canaria. In Mykonos, spend the day at the Jackie O’ Beach Club and see a fabulous drag queen show, and in Bali enjoy dinner and a show at scenic Uluwatu Temple. It’s time to unlease the adventurer within you and let Virgin show you the way to really spend your time onshore!


Virgin Voyages is dedicated to creating an epic sea adventure for all, including guests with disabilities, and the crew will make every effort to ensure that specific requests, additional needs, and services are met both before and during your voyage. Onboard each ship you will find an array of amenities and services to ensure accessibility for all guests. This includes assistance with embarkation and disembarkation, accessible cabins, pool lifts, and accessible staterooms throughout public spaces. Additionally, accessible seating is available in all theatres, restaurants, bars and lounges. 

Guests who are deaf or hard of hearing can access assistive technology throughout their journey, including a visual-tactile alert system, assistive listening devices, closed-captioned movies and more. For guests who are blind or have low vision, Baille/tractile signage can be found throughout the ship, and service dogs are allowed on board with prior arrangement.

We suggest letting your cruise consultant know about any special requirements you may have, so that they can work with Virgin’s Sailor Services Team to ensure that all of your needs can be met.

Terrace Stateroom


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “the band”?

The Band is a sleek, wearable device made from recycled ocean plastic. It is a hands, wallet and worry-free way to access your cabin (serving as a room key), board the ship with ease, make onboard payments to your personal onboard account, pinpoint location for delivery of “Shake for Champagne”, game at the casino, and as a VIP Pass for Suite guests to enter Richard’s Rooftop. The band is complimented by the Virgin Voyages App.

Does Virgin Voyages have a drink package?

As you know, essential drinks are already included in your cruise fare. But what about if you fancy a cocktail or two? Virgin doesn’t offer a traditional drinks package like some other cruise lines do, but if you’re keen on indulging in a few premium beverages, you can consider purchasing a Bar Tab before you set sail. The Bar Tab is just like Sailor Loot (also known as onboard credit), which you can use to purchase top-notch drinks onboard. For every $300 you purchase, Virgin adds an extra $50 for you to enjoy a few drinks on them. So it pays to pre-pay!

Is there an onboard dress code?

Dress up. Dress down. The only requirement is that you at least come dressed. While the cruise line does encourage you to wear more than your swimmers if you go to a restaurant, and maybe some shoes, there are no dress code requirements on a Virgin Voyage. It’s all about comfort. Yours to be precise.

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